Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Boys Playroom - welcome to our home series

Here are some pictures of the boys playroom which used to be monkey's room (since we first bought this house it has gone from an office - little mans's 1st room - master bedroom- guestroom/playroom/schoolroom-monkeys's nursery- and now a playroom again) The boys have so much room to play it is really working out. This will be the very last room we renovate and will stay a playroom until we have another baby.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Boys Room - welcome to our home series

A few weeks ago we decided to move monkey into little man's room and make monkey's room (smallest in the house) the playroom/tv room/craft room and we moved all of their toys into the small room and just have beds/dresser & books in the big room now.

Here are some photos of how the room is laid out now, we will be keeping their beds & table/bookshelf and some of their decor (anything cars in staying the western/baby stuff is going)

Next month we will be gutting this room and completely redoing it floor to ceiling. Here is our list of what we will be doing to it

*tearing out and replacing ALL sheetrock - (walls & ceiling)
* adding insulation to outside walls and ceiling

*tearing out the carpet and replacing it with vinyl wood floor (snap together planks)
*replacing all 3 windows with ones to match what we have in the bathrooms
*re texturing all walls/ceiling and painting in 2 shades of blue
*adding red trim & crown molding
*adding closet doors and painting them with a magnetic chalkboard paint
*new ceiling fan/light and moving the AC from being a window unit to being in the wall (top right corner of the wall walker's bed is on)
*adding blinds, curtain rods and new curtains
*new CARS bedding for Jordan's crib

Once we are done with their room we have plans to take the washer & dryer out of our bathroom and add a tub/shower combo and make a false wall in the dinning room to make a "laundry closet" in an un used corner of it. Will be really nice to have 2 full baths and a "laundry room".


Friday, February 4, 2011


It never fails that on or near (within a few days) of my birthday we are hit with a snow storm and sure enough we got one this year. It started icing sometime last night and than it turned to snow around 5 or so this morning. It has been coming down pretty steadily all morning.