Friday, August 26, 2011

Darin's Truck Fire :-(

Yesterday at 6pm after being inside celebrating Walker's birthday, Darin walked outside to see the windows of his truck black with smoke. When he opened the doors he saw that the truck had burnt. We had our local fire department come out to find out what started the fire and turns out it was a $20 rechargeable hat light he had bought at Bass Pro Shop online just a few days ago (on sale for $10). While plugged into the lighter charging, it over heated and exploded. He contacted Bass Pro Shop which offered to send us another light!! He also contacted the manufacturer of the light but got a recording (which he left a message on and he will be calling back this morning). Had this explosion happened just 3 hours earlier both he & Walker would have been severely injured or worse as they were in the truck on their way home from school. And had the windows been rolled down the fire would have been MUCH worse with as dry as everything is right now and instead of smoldering out it could have very well caught the grass on fire and then our house. 
Here are some photos of the truck. 


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