Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Radiator Springs!

I had been planning Walker's party for about a month (see previous posts on decor & design for proof lol) he is a HUGE CARS fan and that is what he wanted his theme to be.

We had hot dogs & homemade cheese dip (per his request) and LOTS of goodies, there was oil dipsticks (chocolate dipped pretzel rods) a leaning tower of tires ( cake balls shaped like ties) brownies on a stick, cupcakes AND ice cream. We also had Antifreeze (lemonade) and Fillmore Organic Fuel (homemade root beer).

The kids got to play some party games, Stay away from Frank (like pin the tail on the donkey but you wanted to pin either mcqueen or mator as far away as Frank as you could, design your own license plate, and Car's bingo. After games and eating the kids spent the rest of the day swimming.

Here are some photos from the party that we had over at my mom & dad's house. 


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