Monday, April 16, 2012

Monkey's 2nd Birthday Party :-)

So after we had to move up the party a week due to Darin's drill date being changed to the weekend we had originally planned the party our lovely Texas weather just didn't want to cooperate and the rain didn't subside so our outdoor backyard party just wasn't going to happen, my dad and husband convinced me to move the party indoor but our house is pretty small for the almost 50 guests that were invited so my parents offered up their house since they have a lot more room and it's just about 15 minutes from our house. So 2 1/2 hours before the party we loaded up both SUV's and headed to mom's house. Took me about 30 minutes just to upload everything and then then down pour started again. But we got everything set up and ready by party time at 2pm. We had more then half our guests cancel due to the weather so the event was pretty small and we had a TON of food leftover but those that did come seemed to have a good time and Jordan enjoyed his party until the end when he had his breakdown (whats a party with out the birthday boy having a fit anyways lol) I didn't do to many decorations this year as I just wasn't up to it being almost 25 weeks pregnant but I think it still turned out ok and he didn't even notice being so young still.


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