Monday, May 16, 2011

How does your garden grow - month 3

Checking the garden this morning we were surprised to find a ton of green beans and peas with a few ready to pick. The tomatoes & squash have exploded but none are ready to pick yet, Darin can't wait for the tomatoes to be ready he eats them like apples. He has done a great job with the garden and it is really neat to see how much it's grown over the last 3 months.

Walker with his HUGE squash plants

and with his tomato plants that he grew from seeds

these cucumber plants are also some that Walker grew from seeds

this is our 2nd harvest of radish, but the 1st of green bean & peas - we just picked the ones that were big enough to come in.

**also as you can tell I've decided to start watermarking my photos. Anything that has a photo of us or the boys will have a watermark across the body just to protect the photos from being stolen. I don't do this on my private blog but for this one I decided that would be the best way to be able to have photos of us & the kids on here.**


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